Tuesday, February 12, 2008

VIDEO GAMES: First Mass Effect DLC Announced

Bioware's galactic RPG will see new content come March 10th.

Microsoft has announced that, on March 10th, a new uncharted world will be released over Xbox Live as new content for Bioware's latest RPG Mass Effect. The download features a new alien race named the Batarians who have hijacked an asteroid and plan on using it to destroy a new colony planet named Terra Nova. For 400 Microsoft Points ($5) you can fly your crew to the asteroid planet and take out the threat. The mission, supposedly, clocks in at roughly 90 minutes.

I'm glad that downloadable content for Mass Effect is finally hitting the marketplace. I've been dying to pick up the game again but didn't feel the urge to play through it a third time. Hopefully this DLC is the first of many and that we'll see tons of new Mass Effect content in the near future.

The new content will feature 50 unlockable Gamerscore points.


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