Saturday, February 16, 2008

Walmart Chooses Blu-ray, HD DVD Dies

The voice of Walmart has spoken.

Walmart has chosen BluRay. The retail giant has decided to stop backing both formats and has settled on Sony's blue disc. Come June you will no longer be able to find HD DVDs at all four thousand Walmart and Sam's Club stores across North America.

HD DVD has been on the decline since Warner Bros. signed on exclusively with Sony's high-def format back on January 4th. Best Buy and Netflix have also chosen to side with the format and I wouldn't be surprised if Walmart is the final nail in HD DVD's coffin.

I feel like a fool. I went with HD DVD late last summer and have been keen on it becomming the successor to DVD. It appears I was wrong, Blu-Ray has been picking up steam since the fall and now has a dominating stranglehold on the high-definition market. It's hard to see HD DVD making a comeback with 20th Century Fox, HBO, Lions Gate, Miramax, New Line, Disney, and Warner all on Blu-ray's side. I knew I had to plan on picking up a Blu-ray player sooner or later as The Dark Knight will be released exclusively for the format. This announcement just solidifies my choice.

Follow-Up Report: Toshiba has confirmed that it will no longer be manufacturing HD DVD players. The format is officially dead.


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Anonymous said...

Does this mean I have to replace my television or just my HD DVD player? Pray it's only the player!

Keith said...

You won't have to replace your television. Unless you were going to replace it with a fireworks robot. That would be sweet! Milton, we've got company. Let 'er rip.