Thursday, February 14, 2008

Trailer for Uwe Boll's Far Cry Hits YouTube

The film adaptation of the hit video game now has a trailer.

Uwe Boll is not very respected among film critics let alone members of internet message boards. He makes notoriously bad films but does it with pride. I was unfortunate enough to go see his latest film, , last month (I had a free pass). It sucked. It wasn't funny because of how bad it was, it was beyond that. It was just bad.

is his new film and it looks like it'll be reels of garbage once again. Although, watching the trailer for this flick gives the impression that it might have some laughs. I am in no way recommending this film, it will suck, but it may be hilarious to watch.

Try to enjoy the trailer below.


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Keith said...

You people are dicks. Uwe Boll is a visionary. He is my favorite. If Boll and Hitchcock got into a leg wrestling contest, Boll would only barely lose. That's how good he is.

Anonymous said...

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