Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Star Wars Headed Back to the Big Screen

Lucasfilm Animation has 22 episodes ready and an animated feature to kick things into gear.

It looks as if Star Wars is headed back to the silver screen. It's true, and no, it won't be live action. Instead George Lucas and his crew at Lucasfilm Animation will release a fully computer-animated feature titled Star Wars: The Clone Wars followed by 22 already completed 30-minute episodes.

The show will be labeled an expansion and will follow key concepts introduced during 2003's Cartoon Network show Star Wars: Clone Wars. Set during the three year period known as the Clone Wars it will explore the good side of Anakin's character and Obi-Wan's relationship with the young apprentice.

This should be really sweet. George Lucas has a chance to re-establish the Star Wars Universe in a different medium and take his time with things over the course of the show. The focus should be on fun, great visuals, and great storytelling. Hopefully that's what we get.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will hit theatres in the summer leading the way for the show to kick off in the autumn. It will air on The Cartoon Network and later hit cable's TNT.


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