Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pacino New Bond Villain?

Rumours swirl around the legendary actor's involvement in the film.

According to the internet rumour mills Al Pacino may have a role in Marc Forster's upcoming 007 flick The Quantum of Solace. According to the rumour the terrorist group that was introduced in Casino Royale will be the main cause of conflict in the new flick, forcing Bond to travel the globe to track down its boss. Supposedly that terrorist boss will be Al Pacino. It's said the role will be short but play a major part in the film.

I think Al Pacino could add a pretty punch to The Quantum of Solace. He has absolutely huge presence and larger-than-life charisma and he would make the perfect Bond villain.

This is all speculation as there has been no official announcement. Let's hope that there is one.

The Quantum of Solace hits theatres November 7th, 2008.


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1 comment:

Keith said...

I agree that Al Pacino in this movie - or any movie - would be a good thing. I hope he ninjassassinates someone with a toe kick.