Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two-Face Revealed?

Is this what Two-Face will look like in Nolan's Batman Begins sequel?

Pictures of Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face in The Dark Knight have surfaced on the net. Whether or not the photos are real is up for debate but they look fairly authentic. The character looks deformed yet menacing but also quite different than he does in the comics. Nolan and his team have definitely created a more realistic Two-Face if these two pics are indeed real.

The Dark Knight releases worldwide on July 18th. Check back to MediaZEALOT for updates on the film leading up until its release.

UPDATE: These are confirmed Photoshop fakes. Although, to tell the truth, I'm a fan of how the character looks in these pics. Exaggerate the deformation a little bit more and it'd be perfect. However, Two-Face in the film could look completely different as these are just fan mock-ups. Sorry for the the misinformation guys.

UPDATE 2: Pictures of the Mattel Two-Face toy from The Dark Knight have appeared online. The toy was shown during a restricted press event at Toy Fair over the weekend. Photos of the figure were prohibited and as a result the pictures are extremely blurry as they had to be taken without detection. The toy should be a good indication of what Two-Face will look like in the film. Scroll down for the sharpest (while still super blurry) picture of the toy.

The toy looks great and hopefully Two-Face looks just as good in the film. The left side of his face looks great and very rough. I'm also glad they used purple instead of a more subtle colour for the disfigurement. What do you guys think of the toy and the character's look?


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Avi said...

Congrats my friend, I've seen links and refrences to this post pop up all over the toy boards.

Larry_Chimp_Man said...

Thanks man. I've been trying to promote this blog the best I can and it looks like some of the work is starting to pay off.


Keith said...

I wish it had been the fakes, that shit was cool.

Anonymous said...

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