Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gears of War 2 in November

The sequel to 2006's infamous third-person shooter is due out in November.

Gears of War was awesome. The game delivered a great video game experience but also packed a mean cinematic visual style that didn't hold anything back. During their keynote at the Game Developers Conference earlier today Microsoft announced that the Gears of War sequel will have a street date in November this year. The game will be released exclusively for the Xbox 360, no plans for a PC port have been revealed at this time. Along with the release date announcement the game's lead designer, Cliff Bleszinski, showcased the game's first teaser trailer at GDC. Check it out below or go download it in high-resolution on Xbox Live Marketplace.

This looks sweet so far. If Epic Games can build on everything that made the first Gears of War great the sequel will be a great accomplishment. The only complaint I had with the first game was a marginally short single-player campaign. Hopefully Gears of War 2 will feature a longer single-player experience. I also hope Epic Games is able to deliver on their now-promised release date. The game studio has a knack for missing deadlines and one can only hope that won't be the case with this release.

Check back to MediaZEALOT as we'll be keeping tabs on the game leading up to its November release.

UPDATE: Epic Games also showcased a tech demo to their new and improved Unreal Engine III at GDC 2008. Check out the video below to see what you can expect to see in Gears of War 2.


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