Thursday, February 21, 2008

Invincible #48 Review

The latest issue of Invincible is light on story but still a great read.

Invincible has been an extremely fun and exciting comic for its entire 47 issue run thus far and hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. It's easily one of my favourite books and Robert Kirkman is quickly climbing the ranks and becoming one of my most beloved writers. I've really fallen in love with the characters in this book and I look forward to reading all about them come every month's new issue.

That trend continues with Invincible 48. The issue is just as fun and exciting as always but something felt different while I was reading it earlier today; the pacing. Issue 48 feels like a "villain of the month" story instead of part of a larger narrative. It's easy to forget about this one soon after digesting it. A portion of the book is also cut out of this issue as Kirkman uses a few pages in the comic to advertise some Image books he's currently working on. It's a funny gag but feels cheap and wastes important page space in the comic.

Invincible is headed toward a milestone with issue 50 right around the corner and it feels as if Kirkman is holding back. The quality of this issue is nowhere near the standard for this book and one can only hope Kirkman isn't saving everything for the big issue. We'll find out next month if that's the case.

This issue wasn't a complete disappointment. Atom Eve is back and it looks like things could go either way between her and Mark. Let's hope their relationship is worked out in the next few issues (who's betting on issue 50?). Wolf-Man, from the pages of Kirkman's Astounding Wolf-Man, also shows up in this issue to fight alongside Mark and The Guardians of the Globe. However, with Wolf-Man in the picture quite a bit of the spotlight is taken off of Mark. Ryan Ottley's art is also simply amazing as usual. This guy is one of the best in the business and shows it every month with his work on this book.

Invincible 48 was fun but nowhere near as good as it could have been if Kirkman wasn't holding back. Hopefully issue 49 is a return to form and that the Kentucky-based writer isn't just treading water until issue 50.

One Sentence Review: Enjoyable, although not up to the usual snuff. | 8.0/10

Did any of you guys pick up this issue? What did you think? Post a comment and let me know your thoughts.


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Anonymous said...

While it does feel like a villain of the month story, Kirkman's been building up Doc Seismic the entire time as this self-aggrandizing, pompous buffoon who no one ever thought he would amount to more than, say, Bi-Plane...or Furnace. So it was a good payoff in that regard.

Larry_Chimp_Man said...

Doc Seismic is a great character and definitely not "villain of the month" material. However, issue 48 felt a lot like a throwaway issue simply because the plot didn't build up to anything more than the cliffhanger on the last page. It was a fun read just not up to high standards I have for Invincible.

I got the feeling Kirkman was frothing at the mouth in anticipation of issue 50 that he overlooked 48. Hopefully that's not the case with the next issue.

Thanks for the comment.


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