Monday, March 3, 2008

Making the Switch to Blu-ray

The time has come to dust off my DVD rack and start fresh.

It appears that Sony has won the high-definition war. Toshiba has dropped their format out of the running and it looks like Blu-ray will take over as the accepted step up from DVD. While Blu-ray discs aren't yet flying off the shelves at the same rate as DVDs they are no doubtably picking up steam. Consumers can now buy Blu-ray with confidence now that Sony controls the entire market. I too have jumped on the Blu-ray bandwagon and have decided that it's time to clean house and embrace the new format.

I've been an avid DVD collector for roughly eight or nine years. I make it a habit to pick up the DVDs of films I enjoyed in theatres and would rather buy a movie than rent one. My collection is a humble one peaking around 150 flicks but I'm proud of the titles I've accumulated over the years. However, I feel it's time to let the majority of my collection go in an attempt to kick start my library of Blu-ray discs.

As of now roughly half of my DVD collection has been listed on eBay. I'm mostly selling the titles that can be replaced on Blu-ray or one's that I'm not very inclined to keep. I'm holding on to all my box-sets and my favourite films but I'll probably end up selling those as soon as I pick them up in high-def. I understand these eBay auctions won't make me anywhere close to the amount of money I spent on these DVDs over the years but that's just the way things work. I figure I'll make more selling them now than I would if I waited; the sooner the better. Selling my collection looks like a good idea right now but could easily backfire.

For starters, who says Blu-ray is going to be the format of the future? Sure, Sony has beaten HD DVD but who's to say another format, say digital downloads, won't come in and steal the spoils? I would hate to sell all my DVDs and end up with a sizable collection of discs from a a format no longer supported. While I'm confident that Blu-ray can stick around for the long haul I still have my doubts.

Has anyone else sold off their entire DVD collection yet and embraced Blu-ray disc? Where did you sell them? How many titles did you sell? Am I making a poor decision by selling my DVD collection? Post a comment and let me know.

You can view and bid on my eBay listings HERE.


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Brendon said...

Currently sifting through hundreds of DVDs as we speak. I'm having a difficult time letting go of a lot of these titles, even though I know I'll be replacing them. I completely share your sentiments about a full commitment to blu ray. The last thing I would want is for a new format to take over or even DVDs staying around as THE format. In the end, I'm a consumer whore and I'll play my role. Out with the DVDs and (nervously) in with Blu Ray.

Larry_Chimp_Man said...

The toughest thing for me is choosing whether or not to keep the exclusives and rare special edition DVDs. I don't want to double up with a DVD and Blu-ray of the same title but at the same time some of my DVDs are collectors items.

However, I see myself getting rid of up to 95% of my DVDs within the next year. There are definitely going to be titles that don't cross over to high-def, everything else will be sold.

dares said...

Argh. I went through my DVD collection today and weeded out about 70 of my DVD's that I plan to sell. I'm left with 50 that I know I need to keep around (it's weird, I know). I'll be replacing them as they're released on Blu Ray.

I've put aside a few movies that I know I'll never need in high-def, and I'll be keeping a few dozen foreign movies that I don't ever expect to see on Blu Ray.

I'm going to be very selective about the movies I do pick up in the future and opt to rent (as hard as it will be) anything that I'm only semi-interested in.

The hardest problem is finding a place that will take 70 or so DVD's...

Larry_Chimp_Man said...

Yep. Where to sell is a tough choice. You either pawn them off for what seems like pennies or hope that people will bite on most of your collection online. I've been getting some interest on eBay but I probably won't sell more than half of what I've posted. Craigslist and buy/sell sites are good options but you'll probably end up with a new buyer for each title.

I figure I'll sell what I can on eBay and pawn off the rest.

Keith said...

What the fuck is a DVD?

SpawnFan said...

I know totally how you feel Larry.

I have over a thousand DVD's and I am also in the proces of making the transition to Blu-Ray.

Selling al my DVD's is gonna be tough as I will only be getting like a couple of bucks for them...

I am however gonna keep my TV series on DVD as I don't care very much if I see the Simpsons or Family Guy in HD quality or not.

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