Thursday, March 6, 2008

Final Two Iron Man One-Sheets Revealed

Paramount has released images of what is to be the final two posters in the film's campaign.

The final two Iron Man one-sheets have been revealed and it they look terrific. Paramount's marketing team has done an amazing job with the film's posters so far and these two continue that trend. Check it out below.

I'm really digging the first poster's dark image of Iron Man offset by the floating heads on the right. The poster has a great natural sense of balance and looks great. Robert Downey Jr and Terrence Howard have a very stoic look about them and Jeff Bridges is just too intense to ignore. This is one of the best one-sheets I've seen so far this year. Hopefully I can pick one up on eBay to add to my collection.

The second poster isn't as strong but is still quite effective, albeit very similar to the first. Why Paramount would release two almost-identical posters is beyond me. If I were the movie studio's marketing team I would have chosen to use only one of the above one-sheets, not both.

What do you think of the final two Iron Man movie posters? Post a comment and share your opinion.

The Jon Favreau directed Iron Man hits theatres on May 2nd.


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Danger said...

Can't wait for Iron Man to hit the movie theaters. Hopefully there's a midnight showing for it as well.

Larry_Chimp_Man said...

I guarantee there will be midnight showings.

Danger said...

how do u know of said gaurentee? If there is no midnight showing, you owe me 1 midnight showing for another movie of simliar or lesser value.

Danger said...

also, i like the 2nd poster better than the first, but it may just be me.

Keith said...

Both seem way too traditional to me, but if we're going with tradition, the first one is far more effective and does a better job of staying within standard practice, ie the stoic looks mentioned in the article. The second one is a mess, with less symmetry and less Iron Man.

Brendon said...

As my life motto goes, "The less Paltrow, the better."

Larry_Chimp_Man said...

Paltrow isn't that bad. She was good as that fat chick in Shallow Hal and amazing at the end of Se7en.

Anonymous said...

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