Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jeff Smith's Bone Optioned by Warner

The Eisner Award Winning comic series has a date with the silver screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Jeff Smith's Bone is set for a film adaptation. Warner Bros has optioned the movie and brought in producer Dan Lin to supervise the project. Lin is one of the executives involved with the Thundercats movie and has also worked on The Doom Patrol and Masters of the Universe. A director has not yet been attached and there have been no details on what style of animation the film will employ.

I'm not too excited about a Bone adaptation. While I'm a big fan of the comic series I can't see the film sharing the same tone as the books. Bone is great because Smith blends light and dark and isn't afraid to take risks. The film would no doubt be geared towards a children's audience and would have to gear down and play it safe. There are some characters and situations in the comics that would have to be removed or changed in the adaptation to keep this film kid-friendly.

Warner has brought Smith on board as executive producer allowing him to overlook the project. Hopefully he can help maintain the integrity of his comic book creation.

I am skeptical of this project and will continue to be so until I hear more about it. Bone has the potential to be an amazing animated film. However, I'm not so sure it will happen.

Can Warner Bros put out a solid Bone adaptation? Who would be the best choice to direct? Who would you cast as the voice of Fone Bone? Post a comment and let me know what you think.


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