Sunday, March 23, 2008

Invincible #49 Review

Robert Kirkman puts his milestone plans in motion with a very strong 49th issue of Invincible.
by Larry_Chimp_Man

I hated this issue. Not because of the way it's written, not because of a plot point I didn't agree with, certainly not because of the art. No, I hated this issue because I can't read what happens next for a whole month.

Invincible #49 wraps up the Image crossover against Doc Seismic while setting up events that'll no doubt lead the way for a huge milestone issue 50. Mark's world will be undergoing major changes in the coming months and that all kicks off with issue 49.

Robert Kirkman's fun writing style is on display once again with this issue and it's a treat to read. The Kentucky-based writer is full of surprises and has a knack for throwing his readers curveballs. This issue is no different. Book 49 ends with a bang and, as I mentioned earlier, it's going to be a tough month waiting for issue 50 to hit shelves.

Penciller and Inker Ryan Ottley is also stellar as always. Ottley is quickly climbing his way to number one on my list of favourite artists and it's issues like this that prove his worth. His work is so crisp and defined and it's hard not to ignore his perfectly expressed character work. The man somehow continues to improve with each issue and it's always a thrill when eying each issue of Invincible.

One Sentence Review: Excellent issue that ends with a bang. | 9.2/10

What did you guys think of this issue? How do you think the end of issue 49 is going to affect Mark? Post a comment and tell me all about it.

Invincible's milestone 50th issue hits comic shops in April. Check back to MediaZEALOT every week for new comic reviews.


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