Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Adam West's Batman Headed to Blu-ray

Fox will release Batman: The Movie in HD this summer.
by Larry_Chimp_Man

In what appears like an attempt to cash in on the success of The Dark Knight Fox has announced the release of Batman: The Movie on Blu-ray. The film will hit the format two weeks before TDK is released this July.

Fox isn't skimping out when it comes to the extras on this disc. The Blu-ray will ship with a scaled Batmobile, feature two commentary tracks, an isolated score track, six featurettes, pop-up trivia, a Batmobile 360-degree interactive tour, trailers, and six different galleries.

While I can't say I've been waiting anxiously for Batman: The Movie to hit Blu-ray I'll have a hard time resisting this purchase. The scaled Batmobile alone is almost a good enough reason to drop $40 on this disc.

Adam West's Batman: The Movie will hit shelves on July 1st.


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