Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dead Space Developer Diary

EA has released the first behind-the-scenes developer diary for their upcoming sci-fi survival horror game.

It looks like another strong day for survival horror games at MediaZEALOT. Yesterday we posted a preview of Atari's upcoming Alone in the Dark and mentioned how it was leading the way for some upcoming horror releases. One of those games is the EA developed Dead Space. Today the Redwood Shores EA studio released the game's first developer diary, check it out below.

This game is looking very promising. As I mentioned yesterday I'm a huge fan of survival horror games and Dead Space looks like it could be a real treat. Outer Space is the ultimate prison and, similar to the sea in BioShock, it looks like it will set the perfect tone for this game. From what I've seen in these videos the atmospheric effects look to be spot on and the eerie score used throughout is killer. The game has a very Alien inspired feel with a pinch of The Thing thrown into the mix. Hopefully Dead Space can capture what made both of those films so great.

In an attempt to create some buzz for Dead Space's release EA has partnered with Image Comics. Image has begun releasing a six-issue comic mini-series based on the game. Anthony Jonston has stepped in to write while each book will be illustrated by superstar artist Ben Templesmith. The first issue hit shelves last Wednesday but I unfortunately missed out. Hopefully I can find it on eBay or get Pow Comics to re-order it for me.

Dead Space hits shelves on Halloween. It will be released for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Click HERE to pre-order Dead Space over at Amazon.


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