Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BioShock 2 Announced

Take-Two has announced the sequel to 2007's PC Game of the Year.

Take-Two Interactive have officially announced the development of BioShock 2. Although no details have been announced the company did mention that developer Irrational Games would not be responsible for the sequel. Developer 2K Marin will instead step in to handle the second installment of the underwater shooter. However, Ken Levine, the producer of the first game, will oversee the sequel's development.

Many are speculating that Take-Two have made this announcement simply to boost their value in their potentially pending sale to Electronic Arts. Confirmation of the development of a hit video game sequel will only increase the company's financial value.

I'm fairly unsure about this announcement. I loved BioShock and have been anticipating a sequel since I beat the original back in August. However, I'm disappointed by Irrational Games' choice not to handle the sequel. I'm sure 2K Marin is more than capable, and Ken Levine's involvement is a good sign, but why mess with a good thing? Hopefully Take-Two is making the right choice here and not just rushing out a sequel in an attempt to cash in.

While an official release date for BioShock 2 has not yet been announced one could speculate a summer 2009 release.


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