Thursday, February 28, 2008

Warner Bros Absorbs New Line

The most successful independent studio over the last 40 years has joined Warner Bros.

New Line Cinema, due to repeating box office failures including last year's The Golden Compass, has turned to the Warner Bros juggernaut for help. The always-independent studio which produced such trilogies as Austin Powers, Rush Hour, and The Lord of the Rings has been forced to throw in the towel and will now be a subsidiary of Time Warner. The studio will continue to release films but most likely in a more condensed fashion than before.

It's too bad that New Line is forced to make this move. They have always been ready to push their films over the line and take risks other studios wouldn't dare dream of. While they didn't have much success last year I would have liked to see them stick it out just a bit longer to try and save their 40 year history of independence. Then again, I'm sure this deal will help their cause and with any luck they'll be able to continue to produce excellent films.

What do you guys think of this acquisition by Time Warner? Post a comment and let me know.


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