Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Trailer for Get Smart

Peter Segal's film adaptation of the 1960 TV show now has a second trailer.

I'm looking forward Get Smart's summer release later this year. The TV show was great and It'll be interesting to see how the film adaptation is handled. I liked everything I saw in the teaser trailer that's been out for a few months but wanted to see more footage from the movie. Thankfully Warner Bros has answered my prayers and released a second Get Smart trailer which is now online. Check it out below or visit Apple for HD.

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The second trailer looks pretty good and features quite a good mix of funny dialogue and slapstick humour. It would be easy to rely on cheap laughs in a film like this but it appears Segal is staying away from as many as he can, at least in the trailer. A lot of the comedy in this film will fall on the shoulders of its superb cast but I have no doubts they can pull it off. Steve Carell is a genius and while he has been playing similar roles in most films I don't see myself getting sick of him anytime soon. I'm also a huge Anne Hathaway fan and can always enjoy a great performance by Alan Arkin. The Rock and Terrence Stamp fill out the rest of the cast.

Get Smart hits theatres on June 20th. I'm really rooting for the film and hope it's successful. The public will no doubt compare this to Austin Powers but from what I've seen Get Smart will knock Mike Myers' dumbed down spy comedy out of the water.


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