Wednesday, March 7, 2007

FILM: Shia LaBeouf Keeps Up with the Joneses

Shia LaBeouf, the curly-haired star of the upcoming films Transformers and Disturbia, is in talks to play alongside Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 4.

It has been announced that Shia LaBeouf, the 20 year old actor who got his big break on Family Channel's Even Stevens, will play the son of Indiana Jones' son in the fourth installment of the hit franchise.

It appears as if LaBeouf is the recent favourite with Steven Spielberg, who's directing Indiana Jones 4 as well as producing Shia's Transformers.

Now, I like Shia and I think he could do a great job in Indiana Jones 4. Some will say that he isn't a serious enough actor but I think that's the wrong trait to aim for. The Indiana Jones franchise has always been a fun adventure ride at heart and I think Shia can really help push that along. He's got the ability to rattle off one-liners like there's no tomorrow and, knowing writer David Koepp, there are going to be a ton of them in Indy 4. I also think that it may be interesting to see Shia's chemistry when up against the grit of Harrison Ford.

The fourth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise is aiming for a May 2008 release. I'll keep you posted as the production starts moving along.

What do you think of funnyman Shia LaBeouf being cast in Indiana Jones 4? Will he do wonders with the franchise or does this look like another Justin Long/Die Hard situation? Post a comment and let me know.


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