Wednesday, March 7, 2007

DVD: Borat DVD Review

While Borat may appear to be a dismal one-disc performance, it does pack a little bit of heat onto only one DVD.

I was disappointed a few months back when I found out that the Borat DVD would only contain one disc. I wasn't sure of the reasoning behind Fox's decision to skimp out on DVD content and it frustrated me. The film had been created a huge controversy, been a box office success, and won a few prestigious awards along the way. Knowing the way the film was shot there were bound to be a truckload of extras that could have been collected in entirety on a separate disc, instead fans were given a measly one-disc affair that provides a few bonus giggles, but not the roar of laughter I was hoping for.

While it is only one disc, there are a fair number of extras packed onto those five inches of plastic. Probably the most amusing feature is a 15 minute documentary following Sacha Baron Cohen (as Borat) around the world leading up to the film's release. This documents some of the premieres for the film across the globe as well as Borat alongside talk show hosts Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno as well as on Saturday Night Live. He's also shown at San Diego Comic-Con, an event I was able to see in person and will never forget.

The DVD also contains roughly ten deleted scenes from the movie which show Borat dealing with a supermarket employee, a doctor, and a masseuse, as well as others. Some of these scenes are downright hilarious and make you wonder why they didn't make the final picture but some of them fall flat and were appropriately cut. There is also a trailer for the soundtrack to Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan which isn't too special.

One thing that I found hilarious about the DVD is the way it's packaged. The cover slip is an extremely low resolution and it's done in a way so that the DVD looks pirated. The fact that there isn't a word of English on the slip also helps this cause. Also, to top it all off, the actual DVD looks just like a burnt DVD-R with "BORAT" written on it with a sharpie.

Overall I was disappointed with the Borat DVD. While it's an enjoyable movie and the extra footage put on the DVD is amusing there just isn't enough of it. I'm sure that there is a ton of bonus material out there for this film but for some odd reason Fox decided to withhold it from this DVD release. Another thing that really bugs me is that there isn't a commentary on the disc. I'd love to hear Cohen, out of character, share his thoughts on the film or hear what director Larry Charles has to say. Maybe Fox will release another Borat DVD sometime in the future with everything the fans are asking for. Until then, this plain-and-simple disc is all we get.


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Anonymous said...

Personally, I thought that this movie was beautifully portrayed, even though it made me gag.

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