Wednesday, February 28, 2007

VIDEO GAMES: Call of Juarez Announced for Xbox 360

Ubisoft has announced that the western shooter that was thought to be a PC exclusive will also hit Microsoft's 360.

So far the only Western released for the Xbox 360 has been Activision's pitiful GUN, which released with the console a year and a half ago. Ubisoft has plans to stir another wild west shooter into the mix and will release Call of Juarez for the console at the same time as the North American PC release.

The game is set in Texas during the late 1800s. You play two characters: Billy Candle, an outlaw accused of murder, and Ray McCall, the gunslinger who's task it is to hunt him down. Yes, this means you'll be playing conflicting sides of the story. While playing either of these characters you'll have a vast array of historically correct pistols and rifles at your disposal as well as your fists if you want to eliminate your foes nice and dirty like. The game also has a stealth engine and sneaking around takes up a decent chunk of the gameplay. Call of Juarez will also feature a large selection of gametypes for matches on Xbox Live.

Now, Call of Juarez may seem like your run-of-the-mill shooter, and I'm pretty sure that's all it'll be, but the western perspective has me really interested in this game. It appears that the Polish development team, Techland, has really nailed the western period. I'm sure just strolling through some of these historic towns will be a treat in their own right.

Check out the gameplay trailer:

Call of Juarez is already out for the PC in Europe but will hit the North American market in the summer, along with the Xbox 360 version.

What have you heard about Call of Juarez? Do you think it'll be a worth a buy? A rental? Or should I skip it altogether? Post a comment and let me know.


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