Wednesday, February 7, 2007

FILM: Trailer for Black Snake Moan Hits the Net

Sam Jackson has has been choosing some pretty interesting roles recently. His character in Black Snake Moan is definitely on of the more interesting ones.

Black Snake Moan, which is directed by Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow), is a story about a troubled blues musician who takes in a young woman in an attempt to shelter her from her abusive lifestyle.

One reason I'm so interested in this film is because it appears to have such a heavy style. One thing that I've noticed about Craig Brewer so far in his early career is that he has a great sense of aesthetics and can really make a film look and sound great while adding to the general feel of the thing. While other directors add in effects for the hell of it, Brewer seems to know to only pull the effect lever when it will benefit the story being told.

Brewer also has a very strong sense of music in his films. Like Hustle & Flow, Black Snake Moan at times tells the story using on-screen musical sequences. Also, I should note, that Sameul L. Jackson did all of his own music for the film, along with guitar.

Another reason I'm pumped for this film is how off-beat the characters are from anything most people are used to seeing in a Hollywood film. Sam Jackson plays an extremely traumatized blues musician and alongside him plays a powerful Christina Ricci as, essentially, his female prisoner. Justin Timberlake also plays as Christina Ricci's boyfriend who has been shipped off to Iraq, and, while I've heard he did a fairly good job in Alpha Dog, I'm hoping he doesn't get much screen time.

You can view the trailer HERE and check out the MySpace page (along with some of Sam Jackson's tunes from the film) HERE.

The film comes out in North America on February 23rd, I'll post a review sometime after then.


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