Wednesday, February 14, 2007

FILM: Maggie Gyllenhaal IS Rachel Dawes

We knew Katie Holmes wouldn't be reprising her role as Rachel Dawes in the Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight, but who was WB going to cast in her place? Maggie Gyllenhaal of course.

While Warner Bros. hasn't yet publicly announced the casting of Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes in the upcoming The Dark Knight, sources say she has won the part. The studio understandably didn't ask Katie Holmes back for the sequel and her part has been recast.

Gyllenhaal's has quite a reputation when it comes to the indie circuit but hasn't yet made her mark in the mainstream. She's been in such films as Stranger Than Fiction, World Trade Center, Secretary, Donnie Darko (in which she played alongside her brother Jake), and the upcoming Paris, je t'aime (which I am uber pumped for).

I'm a fan of Maggie Gyllenhaal's work and I can see her playing a great Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight. Some say she doesn't have the looks to play a leading love interest but I think she has her own nuances and high grade acting chops that will help her continue the character yet re-create Dawes for herself. Another thing I notice about Gyllenhaal is that she is great at creating chemistry with her co-stars who act alongside her. I thought the relationship she shared with Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction was very believable and hopefully she can capture that same feeling with actor Christian Bale.

I look forward to seeing Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight when it hits theatres summer 2008.


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Carmen said...

Really now? Because ONTD said it was going to be Rachel McAdams. I don't know who to believe. Who would you prefer?

Oh my god, you're excited about Paris, je t'aime too? I've been waiting on this one for a long, long, long time to come to Canada.

Larry_Chimp_Man said...

I would prefer Gyllenhaal because she has a more serious tone about her that I don't think McAdams would be able to capture. I think The Dark Knight needs to be a dark and twisted film and I don't think McAdams would cater to that.

Anonymous said...

well she sucked in Batman,lousy acting,so fugly and has no chemistry w/ the guys.
Katie was way better.

Anonymous said...

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