Wednesday, January 31, 2007

FILM: The Dark Knight - Who is Harvey Dent?

Shooting has started on Warner Bros' sequel to Batman Begins. Who will play Harvey Dent?

Earlier this week Warner Bros. announced that Katie Holmes will not be returning for the Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight, instead her character will be re-cast. It was also leaked that the film has begun production. One thing is still uncertain though, who will play Harvey Dent? Here are some actors who have been rumoured for the part along with my opinions on how they'd benefit the character.

Josh Lucas:

Josh Lucas has been pretty vocal about wanting in on The Dark Knight production, stating on talk shows that he's interested in the part and would love to play a character in the upcoming film. While he does resemble the Harvey Dent found in the comics, at least more so than some of the rumoured "Dents", I don't think he'd work. First off, Josh Lucas just doesn't seem to have the grit and power needed for the role in my opinion. He might have worked if he was cast in one of Joel Schumacher's one-liner driven Batman movies, but I don't think he fits in a much darker Batman movie. I've also heard that WB is trying to acquire a household name to play the character, I don't think Josh Lucas is quite there yet.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

Rumours have surfaced that the man made famous by the WWF (now WWE) may be in the running for the role of Harvey Dent. Some may consider this possibility to be completely out of left-field but I think it could work, if done right. The Rock has the physical presence to play a powerful Two-Face and could seem to be a menace as District Attorney of Gotham City. He also resembles Harvey Dent as seen in the Batman Animated Series that ran in the early 90's. Personally I'd prefer to see someone else in the role, but Dwayne Johnson could turn out to be a surprise hit in The Dark Knight. Then again, this could all be a complete rumour.

Edward Norton:

Another actor who has been rumoured to appear alongside Christian Bale in The Dark Knight is Edward Norton. Now, I'm a fairly big Ed Norton fan and I've enjoyed a lot of his previous work (Fight Club, American History X) and I'm sure he'd be a great choice. Norton definitely has the acting chops, would be able to show a darker side of Harvey Dent/Two Face, and often disappears into his characters. Ed Norton also often manages to have great chemistry with the other actors on-screen, something that would really benefit the friendship of Dent and Bruce Wayne. I think he'd be perfect.

Jamie Foxx:

Jamie Foxx is another actor being considered for the role who I think would do an excellent job. Foxx has portrayed characters of authority and power in the past and has shown audiences that he has the ability to twist himself into characters that may seem unorthodox. He also has a an emotional quality to him that, as with Edward Norton, would help with show his connection to Bruce Wayne and his assistant, Rachel Dawes. Jamie Foxx has also won an Oscar, something that would benefit the film's sales.

Aaron Eckhart:

Aaron Eckhart has also recently been rumoured to play Dent and I think he'd do a fairly good job. Eckhart has proven he can play both comedic and serious roles and I thoroughly enjoyed Thank You For Smoking. Eckhart has the charm needed to play a charasmatic district attorney but how well would he play the twisted character of Two-Face. I'm not sure if I like this choice when compared to Norton or Foxx, but I do think Eckhart would give the role a run for its money.

I'm sure there are other actors in the running for the role of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight that haven't been announced. I'm sure that in the end Christopher Nolan and WB will make the right choice. Batman Begins was very well cast and I'm sure we'll be able to say the same about it's sequel.


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